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Dementia can mean a lot for the relation between people and the need for support as well as help in their daily life, which is the foundation for the studies in this perspective. From a medical point of view, it is desired, that persons with loss of memory/cognitive problems are examined as early as possible to clarify the cause and to give a possible dementia diagnosis. The life with dementia can include prejudice and with a diagnosis person will often be perceived as the person with dementia and not the human behind the disease. Many people are afraid of the dementia diagnosis - for themselves and their relatives and to be a relative may be difficult. One of the core questions in this perspective is; “Which influence does the disease/the diagnosis have for the relation between people, for their life and their role and identity?”. Therefore, this perspective wants to study how the diagnosis is experienced as well as the mechanisms that family members and relatives experience when making sense in the changes that the diagnoses causes. 

Last Updated 19.06.2020