Environmental change

In the interests of the international level of education, this should normally be a lengthy change in study environment of 2 to 6 months at a foreign research institution that is academically relevant to the PhD programme. Residence should at any rate have a minimum length of 3 consecutive weeks.

The principal supervisor must ensure that the student has the opportunity to establish contacts with active research environments outside of the University of Southern Denmark. The principal supervisor will typically make use of his or her national and international networks in the planning of the PhD student’s study stay in a different international or national research environment.

The change of study environment must be approved by the Head of the PhD School and must appear in the PhD plan. If the stay is not finalized in connection with the PhD plan, the plan should indicate when the stay abroad is expected to be planned. For the purposes of approval a special form should be used. The PhD student may apply for financial support for the trip and stay at their department.

If a prolonged stay abroad is not possible or appropriate, reasons for this must be given in the PhD plan and at the same time plans should be given for how the PhD Order's requirement for a change in study environment should be settled. 

For PhD students who have completed their graduate studies abroad, it is not required to travel abroad for the change of research environment.

If an Industrial PhD student’s place of employment has an active research environment, the Head of the PhD School can decide that the change in research environment can take place where the Industrial PhD student is employed, but in a different department.

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