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From a technological perspective, we aim at increasing knowledge about the benefits that information technology (IT) can bring to people with dementia and to use this knowledge to improve the quality of life for patients with dementia and their relatives. We aim to accomplish this by designing, developing and accessing a multi-facetted eHealth intervention that facilitate individualized high-quality care in general practice, improve patient’s and relative’s ability to address the challenges of dementia and promote integrated healthcare across hospitals, municipalities and general practice. 


Several technological aids for people living with dementia exists aiming at supporting everyday activities but the complexity and diversity of the solutions risk compromising their applicability. This perspective aim at having a diversified and inclusive approach. We will involve people living and working with dementia to collaborate with experts in the design and test of potential IT interventions. It is our ambition that components of these interventions will comprise adapting existing IT platforms and tools and developing front-end Apps and back-end data-driven analysis platforms that can be easily used by relatives and patients with early stage dementia. 

Last Updated 19.06.2020