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Private Danish foundations

The Private Foundations team works strategically with SDUs relations to the major Danish private foundations. We support researchers and research groups as well as academic leaders at SDU. We work to improve SDUs standing among the private foundations by building relations to the foundations. The overall aim is to support SDU’s work towards increased research quality and impact.



The Danish private foundation landscape

The private funding landscape is changing dramatically these years. Firstly, the amount of funding being offered from the private foundations is increasing significantly. Secondly, however, the competition for funding incl. the requirements for professional dialogue and a positive response is also increasing. The positive feedback on open calls is often between 6 and 20 percent!

For researchers and research groups

Our aim is to support researchers who consider applying for Danish private funding. We provide support for both funding strategy and application writing for researchers or research groups.

Based on our knowledge of the Danish funding landscape, and with contacts to the major Danish research funding foundations, we can help you to build your funding strategy. We help to clarify whether you are within the scope of the foundation in question, if you properly answer the questions and criteria set up by the foundation and we offer you the service of reading and commenting on your applications.

For research group leaders, heads of departments and the top management

The private foundation team supports the cross-faculty strategic work aiming to increase research quality and attract grants for larger interdisciplinary projects.

We offer general consultancy, analyze the private funding landscape, and support strategic dialogues with private foundations.

On department or research group level we can help to focus, to initiate and to build a strategic dialogue with private foundations and provide you with background information.

Do you have questions, please contact:

Søren Bojer Nielsen, mail

Steen Ulrich, mail


Last Updated 22.08.2023