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All the universities in Denmark have agreed on an "Open market for PhD courses" concerning range of courses and payment for participation. The PhD school at the Faculty of Engineering has joined Model 1 of the agreement. Among other things, this means that participation in subject specific courses at other Model 1 schools are free of course fee for the students. There may be a charge of fee for direct material costs, accommodation, food, travel, etc.

Always contact the university that offers the course for details on participation, and make sure you know the terms of Model 1.

The HR department at SDU offers generic courses for SDU PhD students (CUU courses). There may be participation fee for generic courses.

Internal and external courses can be included in your course of study with the specified ECTS value, if the course has been approved in your research and study plan or by application to the PhD committee pursuant to PhD school's internal rules.

In your research and study plan budget, financial means for course participation is allocated. You should contact your department or principal supervisor for information on how to access the means set aside for course related costs and course fee.

The PhD School at The Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark

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  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: +45 6550 7433

Last Updated 17.01.2024