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Application procedure

PhD fellowships are usually advertised as job postings under vacancies, but there are also opportunities for named scholarships in connection with research grants.

If you have questions about the research-related content of your application, please direct these to the contact person in the relevant PhD job posting or the department with which you wish to be affiliated if you are not applying through a job advertisement. The doctoral school is not administratively linked to the application process and comes into play only when the department recommends a candidate for enrolment.

Pay attention to and remember the application deadline in the job posting.

Prepare the project description

There are specific requirements for the scope and content of the project description, which you can read more about under project description. Remember that the project description must be related to the PhD position for which you are applying. 


Prepare all relevant documentation. Make sure all information about your educational background is documented correctly.

Choosing a supervisor

Your principal supervisor must be a professor or associate professor at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Southern Denmark. If you do not already know of a potential supervisor, you can contact the head of department for advice on choosing a supervisor, and you do not need to have made a previous agreement with a supervisor to apply. You can find contact details for both humanities departments at the bottom of this page.

For some PhD fellows, it may be relevant to have a second supervisor, but you should not apply for this until after enrolment.

Submit the application

Once you have collected, completed and prepared all relevant documents, upload them to SDUjob via the job posting of the PhD position for which you would like to apply. 

Assessment procedure

After the application deadline, you will be informed by the administration about the further process, even if your application has been rejected. Please note that once the deadline has expired, all communication about the process will go through the administration, i.e. you may not contact the assessment committee directly.

Credit transfer

You can apply for credit transfer for already completed course activity, dissemination activity or change of environment at the same time as you apply for a PhD position. Credit is assessed on the basis of completed study activities and the doctoral school will subsequently assess your seniority level.

Approved application

The application process is managed by the departments, and if the department recommends hiring you they will request the doctoral school to enrol you at the doctoral school. The PhD Board will then assess the application and if they have no objections, you will be enrolled at the doctoral school. You will receive an enrolment letter to this effect and you will be employed by or affiliated with the department.