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Project partners

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University of Southern Denmark:

  Associate Professor Sara Egemose, Department of Biology, has extensive academic expertise in freshwater ecology with 15 years of relevant research experience. In addition, over the years she has collaborated with and disseminated knowledge to citizens, associations, educational institutions, landowners etc. Most recently, she has been professionally responsible for the Citizen Science project ‘Find a Lake’. Sara is the coordinator and contact person for ‘Lakes in spare Time’.
   Thomas Kaarsted, Deputy Head of SDU’s library and Head of SDU Citizen Science Knowledge Center.
   Anne Kathrine Overgaard, Head of Division, Faculty of Health Sciences. Contact person for SDU Citizen Science Knowledge Center.
   Theis Kragh, Associate Professor of Freshwater Ecology with many years of experience in disseminating lake ecology.
   Kasper Reitzel, Associate Professor of Freshwater Ecology with many years of experience in disseminating lake ecology.
   Claudia S. Karlsen, Research Assistant
   Lotte Reuss, Research Assistant
  Anna Louise Okholm, Research Assistant
   Laura Amy Mohaupt, Thesis Student
   Christina S. B. Greve, Primary School Teacher and AP Graduate in Agro Business and Landscape Management

Other partners:

Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Associate Professor and Head of Centre for Science Studies, Aarhus University. AU contributes with the collection and dissemination of the project’s scientific competencies.
Danish Rangers’ Association:Represented by Chairman Jakob Walløe Hansen. The Association will contribute to the development of the activities and the dissemination of the project’s content among nature guides in Denmark.
The City of Odense, after-school care facilities, represented by Deputy Head Lise K. Knarttrup (contact person), Tingløkke School (Tingløkkeskolen) and Deputy Head Anne Kristine K. Riis, Kroggård School (Kroggårdsskolen). They contribute to the development, implementation and dissemination/presentation of the project’s activities within their target groups
Tarup Davinde I/S Ålykkestedet: Nature School:Ranger Henrik Kalckar Hansen. The Nature School contributes to the development, testing and implementation of the project’s activities. 
Odense Libraries and Citizen Service Centre: Jens W. B. Petersen, Head of the Central Library and the public area. The libraries contribute to the dissemination of the project’s activities, lending of materials and serve as a collection point for water samples.

Follow-up group:


Last Updated 19.11.2021