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20 ECTS - Spring 2022

Tue 8.2. 14:00-18:00

Odense SDUB

Citizen Science extreemes

Programme overview, team forming, meet your Science Advisor

Tue 22.2. 14:30-18:30

Odense SDUB

Master class 1-2: Citizen science fundamentals

Fri 4.3. 14:30-20:00

Odense IOB

Master class 3-4: Engaging the public

(optional stay overnight)

Sat 5.3. 9:00-16:00

Odense IOB

Workshop: CS CoDesign


Citizen Science CoDesign workshop

Small-group coaching I in Odense and Kolding (2 hours)

Wed 23.3. 14:30-18:30

Odense Jourlab

Master class 5-6: Engaging Media

Fri 1.4. 14:30-20:00

Kolding Pakhuset

Master class 7-8: Relating to citizens

(optional stay overnight)

Sat 2.4. 9:00-16:00

Kolding Pakhuset

Workshop: CS tools


Citizen Science project pilot

Dansk Citizen Science conference, Aarhus 25.-26. april 2022

Thu 28.4. 13:30-17:30

Odense SDUB

Master class 9-10: CS Data Processing

Sun 8.5. – Wed 11.5.




Study trip to Switzerland

Feedback on project pilots

Small-group coaching II in Odense and Kolding (2 hours)

Citizen Science project trial

We 15.6. 10:30-16:30

Odense Cortex

Midway presentation

Citizen boost


Summer school




Master class 11: Writing workshop

Master class 12: Scientific writing traditions

Master class 13: CS publication strategy

Master class 14: Responsible conduct of CS

Paper hand-in and review

Oral exam

Small-group coaching III in Odense and Kolding (2 hours)

Master Classes

In the 20 ECTS component, the learning is organized in 15 master classes with the program professors. 

Teaching is organised in 15 late-afternoon Master classes. Presented two and two by different professors, the Master classes establish a lively discussion between the disciplines. Locations will vary, so you get a feeling for each of the research environments involved. In preparation we encourage students to individually explore current Citizen Science projects to experience what it feels like to be a ‘citizen’ contributing to scientific research; and to compare and reflect on the theories taught.

Hands-on Workshops

Full-day workshops support the development of the Citizen Science projects. The workshops demonstrate methods, media and state-of-the-art platforms for display and analysis of data. They will be organized with guest lecturers and help develop a toolbox of Citizen Science design methods.

Small-group coaching

We will invite the accepted students to a coaching session at the beginning of the semester to establish individual learning goals. Coaching continues in small teams to learn from each other’s unique professional backgrounds. Each semester concludes with an evaluative session to offer the student feed-forward on her/his career.

International Conference

As a group we will participate in the European Citizen Science Association Conference (ECSA) 2020 in May to provide an opportunity for you to experience state-of-the-art research and start build your own international network.

Summer School

In August, we will complete the Citizen Science projects in a 4-day summer school and prepare the final presentations.

Scientific Co-Publication

To complete the 20 ECTS component, each team will hand in an essay in the format of a conference paper, complete a peer-review process, and assemble all papers in proceedings for an open research colloquium, evaluated as pass/fail.

A talent program is extra-curricular, meaning that the credit you earn is on top of regular studies.

To earn a distinction, Master students must complete 20 ECTS on top of their ordinary program. Students must also finish their program on time. In any event you will get a diploma added to your graduation certificate.

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