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Scholarly publication

As a researcher you automatically have information on your research online. But is this enough or is it the right kind of information? By using available tools your research will have greater outreach.

The library can provide an overview of how to navigate the different offers and tools through the headings below.

SDU and the other Danish universities all use Pure to register research conducted at the institutions. Although there are other databases containing research, Pure is the best system to capture all your research since all researchers employed at SDU can access this database. Use Pure to create an overview of your research.

Research Portal
The Research Portal is the public access to all research and expertise at University of Southern Denmark

Open Access 
If you publish your research open access your research will have greater outreach. Read more here to learn what open access is, how to publish open access yourself and to see the SDU Open Access policy.

ORCID is an unique researcher ID and is now the most widely used way to keep your online content connected to your throughout your career. The ORCID will make it easier to maintain researcher profiles across databases and systems.

Get a DOI
A DOI is a digital object identifier. DOI's makes publications easier to link to and track.

The Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI)
BFI is the Danish state's method to measure research performance on all Danish universities. The measurement is conducted through Pure and will in the end amount to more research money granted to your affiliated department.


Last Updated 18.11.2020