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The Graduate School of Health Sciences

Rules for participation in courses

Course and cancellations fees

  • There is no limit of the number of courses you can register for (except Undergraduates)
  • Many of our courses are in high demand, so we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible if you have to cancel your enrolment.
  • The Graduate School will require invoice details when you apply for a PhD course. This is to ensure payment for late cancellations, no shows and external participants.
  • Participants with less than 80% attendance cannot pass the course and will be charged an amount equal to the course fee for external participants.
  • Late cancellations (1 week before the course starts) and no-show will result in a fee equal to the course fee for external participants.

If the participant does not comply with the above cancellation policy or has not attended the course due to illness or other reasons, The Graduate School may waive the course fee. Please contact the Graduate School at


Calculation of ECTS for courses outside of the Graduate School:

The Graduate Schools of Health and Medical Sciences at Aarhus University, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark have agreed on a common practice of calculating ECTS credits

  • 1 ECTS credit equals 25 work hours. In practice, a 10:1 rule is applied, so that 1 course hour results in 0.1 ECTS credits, since a preparation factor of 1.5 is assumed.
  • Course hours that can be included in the calculation of ECTS credits are all specifically defined course activities such as lectures, practical exercises, group work, obligatory homework and exams.
  • When participating in PhD courses at institutions not included in this agreement (Danish or foreign) PhD students receive the amount of ECTS credits decided by the institution offering the course.
  • When participating in other types of courses, e.g. not regular PhD courses, the amount of ECTS is calculated using the model described in the agreement.

To get ECTS for courses outside The Graduate School Faculty of Health Science, SDU. Send the course certificate to along with:

  • Course description
  • Proof that the course is at PhD level

The Head of the Graduate School will determine if you can get ECTS for external courses. For any questions, please contact the Graduate School

Who can participate:

  • All courses are free of charge for PhD students enrolled at the Faculty of Health Science, SDU. Unless it says otherwise in the course description!
  • Most of the courses is free of charge for PhD students enrolled in universities that have joined the Open market and NorDoc agreements - exceptions will appear in the course description e.g. course materials.
  • Future PhD Students at the Faculty of Health Science, SDU, can participate in our courses on the same terms as enrolled PhD students, when their protocol have been approved in Manuscript Manager.
  • Undergraduate students from the Faculty of Health Science, SDU, can participate in up to 3 courses for free - if they have an approved research year. (Undergraduate students from other universities will be charged as external participants!).
  • All other participants will be considered as external participants - who will have to pay the full course fee.

The PhD programme Faculty of Health Sciences University of Southern Denmark

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  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: 6550 4949

Last Updated 09.01.2024