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Below, you can find relevant information regarding funding of your research year

During your research year, you are still enrolled as a Master's degree student, and you can receive SU during the thesis semester.

You cannot receive SU while being on leave of absence. 

When doing a research year, you need funding for the periode where you are taking leave of absence from your studies, and therefore cannot receive SU.

Several fonds and institutions are offering scholarships for research year project. Ask your supervisor how and what to apply for. 
Make sure that you read and comply with the grantor’s conditions for giving you the scholarship. Some grantors do not allow the grantee to participate actively in a master programme while using the grant.

There is no fixed rate for undergraduate scholarships. External grantors will typically grant you DKK 10,000 a month.

If you, when you submit your application to the Graduate School, have not recieved funding for your project, you can apply for a scholarship disbusement. 

A scholarship disbursement covers your 'salary', in the periode where you cannot recieve SU. You can apply for up to 6 months. 

Scholarship disbursements from the Faculty of Health Sciences amount to DKK 6,000 a month, for up to 6 months.

If you receive a scholarship disbursement, you are obliged to continue searching for other funding for your project. If funding is granted, you must refund the disbursement you received.

You may also need funding for operating funds/equipment such as test animals, reagents, apparatus, help in the laboratory, and transportation reimbursements for patients or test subjects.

If you plan on having a stay at a research institution abroad, then you'll need money for travel expenses, living expenses while you're away from home, visas, vaccination etc. These expenses should also be seen as part of the project's running costs.

You should discuss with your supervisor how these funds are provided.

Unfortunately, the Graduate School does not offer financial support for running costs. 

Travel card covering the travel to and from your work place is at your own expense.


Last Updated 16.10.2020