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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it required to appear in person for masterclasses and workshops? 

-> Yes.


Can I choose which project I join?

-> At the interview, you will have the opportunity to prioritize three Citizen Science cases. 


Is conference participation compulsory?

-> Not mandatory, but we highly recommend the experience!


Do I have to participate in the 20 ECTS programme (Spring), as well as the 10 ECTS programme (Fall)?

-> You can take the first part only or both as you like. However, to participate in the 10 ECTS programme, you must complete the 20 ECTS programme.


I haven’t completed any exam from SDU yet. What grade records do I send in?

-> No problem that you haven’t completed exams at SDU yet, and you will have that in common with most who have just started their Masters's programme. Send us a copy of your Bachelor's diploma.


Should I write the motivational letter in English?

-> Yes.


Do I get reimbursement for travel costs? 

-> Yes, you get a refund between your campus and to other SDU campuses.

Last Updated 18.11.2021