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Complaints Procedure and Dispensation

Complaints procedure

The PhD School’s rulings, which have been made in accordance with the PhD Executive Order, can be appealed to the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science when the complaint concerns legal issues. The deadline for submitting an appeal is two weeks from the day the decision is notified to the appellant, cf. §29 of the PhD Executive Order. If you wish to appeal against a ruling, the appeal must be sent to the SDU Legal Office at the Rector's Office, email:

The Legal Office obtains an statement from the PhD School, and you must have the opportunity to comment within a week. The Legal Office sends the complaint to the Agency, enclosing the statement and the complainant’s comments thereon.


In special cases, the Dean may grant an exemption from the rulings made solely by the PhD School at SAMF (SOC SCI).

The Agency may exempt from the PhD Executive Order when it is justified by unusual circumstances, cf. §28 of the PhD Executive Order, except for the cases mentioned in §19(3), § 20(3) and § 26(1).

If you wish to apply for dispensation, you must submit your application to the PhD School Secretariat.

Last Updated 15.03.2024