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PhD Committee

The PhD committee comprises five representatives for the scientific staff and five representatives for PhD students elected by and from among them.

The PhD committee

  • recommends a chairperson from among the PhD committee's scientific staff and a vice-chairperson from among the PhD students on the PhD committee to the Dean.
  • approves PhD courses.
  • approves credit and dispensation applications.
  • prepares suggestions for the Head of PhD School concerning internal guidelines and supervision.
  • expresses its opinion of the evaluation of PhD programmes and PhD supervision to the Head of PhD School.
  • expresses its opinion of issues of importance for PhD programmes and PhD supervision introduced by the Dean or by somebody authorised by the Dean.
  • recommends the composition of the assessment committee in connection with assessing PhD theses to the Dean.
Members of the PhD Committee

Here you can see a list of the members of the PhD Committee

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Last Updated 15.03.2024