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Change request after statement

It is not unusual for changes to occur in a project after receiving the statement. These may be both significant and minor changes, and must be addressed differently.

Significant changes are changes regarding personal information, such as:

  • changes in purpose
  • change of contact person or people involved
  • obtaining new types of personal information or a major change in the number of registered persons
  • extension of the project period
  • change or addition of data processor 

You must always notify SDU RIO about these changes before implementing them, as they require prior authorisation.

Request for modifications to an approved project at SDU

You should report minor changes to SDU RIO within four weeks of the change. If you are unsure whether the change is significant or minor, you can always contact SDU RIO's lawyers at or by telephoning + 45 6550 7550.

Last Updated 17.12.2021