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Why should you join?

Natural Sciences

Citizen Science is a growing trend in research, as it helps ensure relevance and acceptability of sciences. On the practical side, the programme helps you develop techniques for engaging research participants and handling data. Kickstart your researcher career with the talent programme!


The principles of Citizen Science apply equally to the development of new products and technologies for people. The programme helps you master cross-disciplinary teamwork and equips you with techniques to ensure societal relevance of innovations.

Health Sciences

Citizen Science techniques are directly transferable to patient engagement in health treatment. The programme will expand your communication skills and strengthen your ability to work in cross-disciplinary teams. Become an advocate of patient involvement!

Business and Social Sciences

The tools you learn in the talent programme will help you apply design thinking and manage open innovation, crowd sourcing, lead-user innovation, multi-stakeholder innovation. Strengthen your grasp on quantitative market studies and boost your ‘people management’ skills!


Societal engagement is very much a responsibility of the Humanities. If you study media communication, here’s a chance to oppose the trend towards a post-factual society. As a designer, Citizen Science will expand your competencies in user-centred and participatory design. Carve out a role for yourself in safeguarding societal relevance of research and technology development!

Last Updated 04.11.2019