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Head of PhD School

The Head of the PhD School at the Faculty of Science is Associate Professor Babara Guerra.

Roles of the Head of the PhD School

  • Has the overall responsibility for the activities of the PhD school.
  • Has the responsibility to include the PhD Committee in the planning, development, quality assessment and evaluation of the PhD Programme.
    • Establishes internal guidelines and rules for the PhD School, including completion of PhD training and supervision according to the recommendations of the PhD Committee and approval by the Dean.
    • Appoints a main supervisor according to the recommendation of the Head of the Department.
    • Approves enrolment of PhD students on the recommendation of the relevant PhD Study Committee representing the scientific staff
    • Approves research and education plans (PhD plans) and change in PhD plans (not preapproved courses in the PhD plan must be approved separately by the Faculty PhD Committee cf. 1.1.2). PhD plans correspond to the PhD Order's PhD plan cf. Ministerial Order paragraph 9 section 2.
    • Approves recommendation from the assessment committee.

    Last Updated 24.03.2021