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Raw data from the 'Find a Lake' project will be posted during November 2020.

In Spring 2021, we will post the processed data such as map, figures and descriptions of the project's results. 

The water samples that underlie the data are collected by high school students, primary school students and citizens. 

The samples collected by high schools are from lakes close to the school, where the samples collected by primary school students and citizens are from numerous lakes. 

The data may be used for educational purposes only.

If you wish to see an English version of the data or wish to use the data for other purposes, please contact Sara Egemose (

Water samples collected by primary schools and citizens:

Data collected by high schools:

Data from the four lakes

Watersamples from the four lakes

Sensor data from the four lakes: 

Sediment data from the four lakes

Last Updated 27.11.2020