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How is it possible to make a haven in life with dementia?


For persons diagnosed with dementia and their relative’s dementia can lead to social isolation. This perspective will investigate how it is possible to create recreational activities that contribute positively to social life. We will study existing activity programs to learn from both diagnosed, relatives and persons who are in contact with dementia either as employee, volunteer, friends or neighbours. Whether and how the activities are adapted or further adapted to the needs of all involved parties will be studied. This knowledge forms the basis for analyses of whether such customized activities result in social interaction, increased social engagement as well as improved well-being and quality of life. This raises the core questions of this perspective: "How is it possible to make a haven in life with dementia?" The activities under investigation cover a wide range of efforts that have already been implemented; ranging from activities like reading literature, dancing, playing music and singing to activities in nature and socializing across generations.

Last Updated 19.06.2020