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Report your invention

If you are working with new technical discoveries, technologies, methods or innovations, you may well need to report an invention. By invention, we mean something that may be protected by intellectual property rights, such as a patent. If you are in any doubt, you are very welcome to contact the business developers at SDU RIO.

It’s important that you report your invention before disclosing it by means of publications, conferences, press releases, abstracts and other forms of communication. There is less potential for IPR protection for inventions that are known in the public domain.

If you have a date for any disclosure of your invention or disclosure of another invention that describes your invention, it is important that you mention this in the report.

You should report your research by means of a form that contains a confidential description of your research or invention. Your report will be registered and filed with the business development advisers at SDU RIO. You should email the completed report form to

Download the report form

Why should you report an invention?

When you are employed at a public research institution, you have a duty to report any invention, that you have made en connection with your work. This must be done,  because the  institution basically har the rigths to the invention (jf. Lov om opfindelser ved offentlige forskningsinstitutioner).

How do we assess your report? 

Within two months, SDU RIOs business developers will assess whether SDU/RSD will claim the rights to the invention. Our assessment is based on the following:

  • A meeting with the researchers to understand the research and scientific principles that led to it.
  • Identification of the commercial applicability of the invention and possible unfulfilled needs satisfied by the invention.
  • Assessment of patent options by an external consultant.
  • Assessment of the product’s market potential, based on the invention.
  • Assessment of the invention in relation to the inventor's ongoing research plans and the researcher's commitment and resources.
  • Assessment of the invention in relation to the existing portfolio of projects and resources at SDU RIO.

If SDU/RSD wishes to claim the rights, the institution also takes over responsibility for commercialising the research and paying all expenses related to the protection of rights. SDU RIO is responsible for this work. 

If your invention is commercialised, you will receive a commission as the researcher in accordance with SDU/RSD’s policies. 

Read the policy

If SDU/RSD does not wish to commercialise your invention, you are free to use it or commercialise it yourself. However, SDU/RSD reserves the right to claim 15 per cent of any future net income.


If you have any questions, please contact the business developers at SDU RIO.

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