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Knowledge Dissemination

According to the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes, during your PhD programme, you must gain experience with teaching or another form of knowledge dissemination related to your PhD project.

Various types of knowledge dissemination may be of relevance, depending on your terms of employment, career plans and project.

Knowledge dissemination can take the form of:

  • Teaching
  • Participation in counselling and educational programmes with supervision (e.g. courses in teaching methods for new lecturers)
  • Counselling students
  • Preparation of books on communication, contributing to books, articles, feature articles or posters
  • Lectures on communication
  • Committee work or other academic tasks that can relieve the other academic staff

Tasks of an administrative nature cannot be included. Tasks must be jointly planned by your principal supervisor, you as a PhD student and the Head of Department.

The requirement for experience with teaching activities or other forms of knowledge dissemination is not specified in the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes. The PhD School at SAMF has decided that the total scope of knowledge dissemination must correspond to at least 300 hours to meet the requirement, but recognises that the respective departments may have guidelines regarding the amount of knowledge dissemination that exceeds the minimum of 300 hours. Knowledge dissemination tasks must therefore be jointly planned by the principal supervisor, PhD student and Head of Department, allowing for sufficient coherent time for the work on the thesis and timely completion of the project.

Required Work and Secondary Employment

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Last Updated 15.03.2024