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Co-financed PhD programmes

In connection with cooperation between e.g. public institutions or private partners and the PhD School regarding (co)financing of PhD courses, a formalised cooperation agreement must be entered into.

Since 2016, the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences has applied a rate of DKK 88,000 per enrolment year for external PhD cooperation agreements. The rate covers basic services such as supervision, assessment, evaluations, public defence, internal PhD courses and the provision of a workplace. The rate does not cover external PhD courses, acquisition of literature/data etc., participation at conference and travel to these, field work and costs for environmental change.

Learn more about the educational structure and requirements for the PhD student in the PhD Executive Order under study elements.

Below you can read more about the process in connection with a co-financed PhD programme. The description has been prepared to inform you of the work tasks in a co-financed PhD programme. Therefore, some points may not apply to you as a PhD student.

The process

Potential principal supervisor/research group leader/head of department or whoever has contact with a potential candidate should contact the department’s finance staff with a view to preparing the programme when the process has advanced to the point where an application must be sent to the PhD School’s secretariat.

Potential principal supervisor/research group leader/head of department contacts the PhD School’s secretariat by e-mail;, so that the process can be initiated.

The potential principal supervisor ensures that the PhD School’s secretariat receives the necessary documents for the candidate to be considered for a PhD programme. The necessary appendices and forms include the application form, project description and title, CV, list of publications, references, schedule of expected dissemination of knowledge, annual timetable for attendance at the University of Southern Denmark, budget and supervisor form.

The candidate’s application is sent to the relevant course committee after which the course committee will assess whether the candidate can be offered a PhD programme at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences. The course committee has a total of 30 days for consultation.

At the end of the consultation deadline, the candidate receives the course committee’s assessment.

The candidate receives the course committee’s assessment via email.

In case of a cooperation between University of Southern Denmark and private companies, municipalities or the like, RIO will be responsible for communication going forward.

In the case of a collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark and a foreign university, the PhD School will be responsible for the future contact. 

Signatures are obtained from the vice dean for research, head of department, external party and the PhD student.

The PhD student is enrolled in the PhD School and the PhD student receives an enrolment letter by email.

When enrolling in the 5+3 scheme at the PhD school under the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, three evaluations are carried out during the PhD study:

  • Evaluation after 6-9 months of enrolment
  • Mid-term evaluation after 16-18 months of enrolment
  • Third evaluation after 30 months of enrolment

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Last Updated 15.03.2024