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60s & 70s Family Revolution

We are investigating the experiences of people who lived in the 1960’s / 70’s in Denmark and how they perceived changes in family structures, themselves personally and physically (birth control as an example) as well as changes in society and the workplace.

In the beginning we focused on women and thought that their perspective was the one to pay specific attention to since the major changes like entering the labour market and being able to take birth control occurred for them in these years.

However, along the interviews we figured that the male perspective is interesting to look at as well, since men had to cope with all the changes as well and suddenly had to deal with new competition in the workplace, as well as the fact that their regular daily life with their wife at home, taking care of the children, did not exist as such anymore.

Therefore, we are investigating all kinds of emotions, experiences, thoughts and fears that both men and women dealt with during this time period.
It captures an important part of Danish history that so far has not been investigated in this way. We are choosing a qualitative approach to capture personal experiences and thereby portrait different developments that happened at the same time in Denmark which had an enormous influence on the Danish society we live in today.

They participate in an interview, followed by a second interview where they bring photos they have from that time and explain them to us. After that they make a little scrap book with pictures and notes. They contribute by giving their information and sharing their story as well as physically preparing a book with memories.

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Science advisor

Sarah Feldes, BSc Market & Management Anthropology, Odense

Solvejg Kjærsgaard Longueval, MSc IT Product Design, Kolding/ BA Philosophy

Nthabiseng Nooe, MSc Environmental & Resource Management, Esbjerg / BSc Geology 


Klaus Petersen

Last Updated 15.06.2020