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Relevant appendices and forms

Relevant appendices and forms

Please find the application form here.

Requirements for the various project descriptions can be found on the page How to apply for enrolment. Here you will also find instructions for preparing the project description for the various subject areas. 

Diplomas including marks must be attached as an appendix to the application.

The total scope of dissemination of knowledge must correspond to at least 300 working hours, regardless of the PhD student’s conditions of employment, cf. the PhD School’s guidelines.

Prepared by the department’s budget staff. You can see a list of the institutes’ budget staff below:

  • Department of Political Science and Public Management: Anette Schmidt
  • Department of Law: Dorthe Carstensen
  • Department of Business and Management (budget officer): Zameer Nasiri
  • Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management: Hanne Damkjær
  • Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics: Nanna Bloch Lydiksen (maternity leave replacement)
  • Department of Department of Economics: Astrid Holm Nielsen 

Last Updated 15.03.2024