Award of PhD degree

The recommendation must, on the basis of the thesis and the defense assess whether the requirements for the PhD thesis and defense have been met. The assessment committee must also comment on whether there is publishable material in the thesis.

The final recommendation may be based on the preliminary recommendation, but in contrast to the latter it should be more substantial and go in greater depth and will normally have a length of 1-2 pages. The recommendation must be signed by all members of the assessment committee.

The final recommendation must be submitted via the Department to the Faculty within two weeks after the public defence.

The Doctoral degree may be awarded if there is a positive recommendation from a unanimous assessment committee or from a majority of its members.

If the final recommendation is positive, it is sent to the Academic Council. The Academic Council has a week to raise any objections. If there are no objections, the Faculty notifies the student that he or she has been awarded the PhD degree.

If the assessment committee recommendation is negative, the Dean may decide that the thesis should be assessed by a new committee, if the author requests this within one week.

PhD certificate

The PhD School secretariat prepares a PhD certificate in Danish and English. The certificate states in which field the PhD degree has been obtained, and the title of PhD thesis. The certificate is signed by the Dean. A summary in Danish and English of completed courses and the study abroad/change in study environment will be attached to the certificate. The PhD certificate is presented by the Rector at the annual PhD award ceremony.

Upon request to the PhD School secretariat, PhD candidates can obtain their PhD certificate immediately after the PhD degree is awarded.

Documentation for completed parts of the PhD Programme

For PhD students who cease their studies without obtaining a PhD degree, upon written request the PhD School secretariat will issue documentation in both Danish and English for those parts of the PhD Programme that were satisfactorily completed.

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