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Industrial PhD

An Industrial PhD project is a special, company-oriented PhD project. The project is carried out over three years between a private or public company, an Industrial PhD student and a university. As an Industrial PhD student, you will be employed by the company and enrolled at the university.

The process

Application material (project description, CV, publications, references, diplomas and supervisor form) is sent to the PhD School with a view to assessing you as a candidate and the project before the application is finally sent to the Innovation Fund.
The PhD School must receive the application no later than one month (preferably earlier) before the application deadline set by the Innovation Fund, in order for the subject committee to have time to prepare an overall assessment.

If you as a candidate/company want an Industrial PhD programme with us, you must first contact the department that houses the respective subject area. It will then be possible to put you in contact with a potential principal supervisor, as well as the department’s research support staff, who will be pleased to help you with the handling of the grant later on.

In order to ensure the quality of the application, and thereby strengthen your project and opportunities to get an Industrial PhD project approved, the application must be assessed by the PhD School’s respective course committee before the application is sent to the Innovation Fund. The application must be received by the PhD School no later than 1 month before application deadline of The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation expires.

An application to the Innovation Fund can be submitted when the course committee has assessed the application. The course committee’s assessment can be attached to the application to the Innovation Fund.

If there is a positive assessment, the candidate, principal supervisor and company, now in cooperation, can send the application to the Innovation Fund.
Always remember to follow the instructions on
the Innovation Fund’s website.

The application to the Innovation Fund must be prepared in collaboration with the potential university supervisor. 

An Industrial PhD project must be approved by both the Innovation Fund and the PhD School before enrolment can take place and the project can begin.

When applying for approval of a Industrial PhD project, the Innovation Fund’s E-application form must be used. The e-application form and application deadlines can be downloaded here.

If you as a graduate receive a grant from the Innovation Fund, the department will send a formal request for enrolment to the PhD School.

You will receive a formal enrolment letter from the PhD School.

In connection with the submission of the enrolment letter, you will be asked, in collaboration with the principal supervisor, to prepare and submit a PhD plan within the first two months, as this must be approved no later than three months after the enrolment date. 

Please note that enrolment can take place from the 1st or 15th of a month and that enrolment is not made retroactively.

When enrolling in the 5+3 scheme at the PhD school under the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, three evaluations are carried out during the PhD study:

  • Evaluation after 6-9 months of enrolment
  • Mid-term evaluation after 16-18 months of enrolment
  • Third evaluation after 30 months of enrolment

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The Industrial PhD scheme

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Last Updated 15.03.2024