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Enrolment and employment

Conditions for enrolment

To gain admission to the PhD Program, you need to have a relevant master's degree. The PhD program involves 180 ECTS, which is equivalent to three years of full-time study from the moment you start until you submit your thesis. However, it's possible to begin the PhD Program while still working on your master's degree. In the Faculty of Science, you can start the PhD Program after completing 60 ECTS of your master's program (typically in a 4+4 setup).

The assessment of your application to become a PhD student is based on your previous academic achievements, including your grades, the time it took to complete your previous degrees, and any research experience you have, like publications or other indicators of your research potential. Recommendations or statements from your supervisors and teachers will also be taken into consideration. In some cases, the faculty may also consider the distribution of PhD students across different research fields.

If you have a different educational background but possess the necessary academic qualifications, you may still be admitted. However, you may need to fulfill specific academic requirements before or during the program.

It is important to note that admission to the PhD Program requires securing a scholarship or other funding arrangements.

Credit transfer

When you apply for admission, you have the option to request a credit transfer for research related to your project, professional work relevant to your field that you have undertaken after completing your master's degree, and any PhD-level courses you have completed before becoming a PhD student, provided they were not part of your master's program. You can transfer courses totaling up to 10 ECTS without affecting the length of your enrollment.

These credit transfer requests are reviewed by the PhD study board specific to each department.

Part-time enrolment

Typically, the PhD Program is designed to be a full-time commitment, but in certain exceptional situations, it can be arranged as a part-time program. To request part-time enrollment, you must submit a well-founded personal application to the Dean through the PhD School, supported by a recommendation from the Head of Department. The specific terms of the part-time arrangement will be worked out on an individual basis at the time of enrollment.

Part-time programs are generally limited to a maximum duration of six years. The specific conditions and terms for part-time programs will be determined through an agreement between the PhD student, any external partners involved (if applicable), and the Faculty of Science.

Enrolment as Industrial PhD

An Industrial PhD project is a PhD program with a strong focus on industry relevance. It's a collaborative effort involving a private or public organization, the PhD student, and a university. In addition to the academic connection, which can be at the university or within the organization itself, there may also be an affiliation with a public knowledge institution, often referred to as the "Third Party."

In the case of an Industrial PhD, the student is employed by the organization, and they are concurrently admitted to the university for their PhD studies.

For more detailed information about the Industrial PhD Program, you can visit this website:

To apply for an Industrial PhD scholarship, you should submit your application to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation using a specific application form available at this link: It is recommended that you also apply for enrollment as a PhD student with external funding (without employment at SDU) alongside your application to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (refer to section 2.2.3).

Approval for an Industrial PhD project is required from both the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Faculty of Science before enrollment can occur and the project can begin.

To prepare your application for the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, you should collaborate with a potential academic supervisor from the university. This supervisor must obtain consent from the Head of Department to act as a supervisor and confirm that the project aligns with the department's research strategy. You also need a recommendation from the Chairman of the local PhD Study Committee and the Head of the PhD School indicating your eligibility for enrollment.

Contact information for relevant departments and potential supervisors can be obtained from the PhD School.

Once the Industrial PhD project is approved by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, you should submit a copy of the application, along with written approval from the agency, to the PhD School Secretariat for final approval of your enrollment. When the PhD School Secretariat has received confirmation from the agency and the Head of the PhD School has approved your enrollment based on the recommendation from the PhD study board, you will receive a letter of enrollment as an Industrial PhD student.

Please note that the project cannot begin until the enrollment process is completed. Enrollment can take place on the 1st or 15th of the month, and retroactive enrollment is not possible.

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