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Enrolment and employment

Conditions for enrolment

Admission to the PhD Programme requires a completed master’s degree in a relevant area of study. The PhD Programme has a scope of 180 ECTS corresponding to three years' full-time studies from the time of enrolment until the time of submission. However, it is possible to start the PhD Programme either in continuation of the master's programme or before the master's programme is completed. At the Faculty of Science there is the possibility to start the PhD Programme after having completed 60 ECTS of the master's programme (4+4 programme).

The assessment of application for enrolment as a PhD student is based on the apllicant's earlier studies, including grades and how long it took to complete earlier degrees as well as previous research experience, such as publications and other factors indicative of aptutude for research training. Also recommendations or statements from supervisors and teachers are taken into account. In special cases, an eye for the scientific distribution ofthe PhD students across the research fields of the Faculty is used as a criterion in assessments.

Applicants with other educational backgrounds, who have acquired the necessary academic qualifications, may be admitted. In these cases, specific supplementary academic requirements may, however, have to be met prior to enrolment or completed during the programme.

Admission to the PhD Programme requires the award of a scholarship or other funding arrangements.

Credit transfer

At the time of application it is possible to apply for a transfer of credit for project-relevant research, relevant professional work subsequent to the acquisition of a master’s degree, as well as PhD level courses completed prior to enrolment as a PhD student, as long as these are not part of the master’s programme. Transferral of credit will reduce the time of the PhD Programme.

Applications for credit transfer are processed by the PhD Committee.

Part-time enrolment

The PhD Programme is usually scheduled as a full-time programme, but can under special circumstances be organized as a part-time programme. Substantiated personal applications for part-time enrolment must be submitted to the Dean via the PhD School and backed up by a recommendation by the Head of Department. The specific agreement must be settled individually at the time of enrolment.

Part-time programmes can normally not exceed the duration of six years. Conditions and terms for part-time programmes are determined in agreement between the PhD-student, the external partner if applicable, and the Faculty of Science.

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