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The Graduate School of Health Sciences

About the Graduate School of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences organizes its PhD programmes in one Graduate school; The Graduate School of Health Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark.

The Graduate school comprises the Head of Graduate school, the PhD committee with academic subcommittees, supervisors with employment at/affiliation to the faculty, the faculty's graduate programmes as well as the Graduate school secretariat. See the section "Administration" for a more detailed description of individual tasks and responsibilities.

It is the Head of Graduate school’s responsibility that the enrolled PhD students within a bound academic area, experience a structured and coherent study programme at the highest level, and that both teaching and supervision meet the set quality demands.

The faculty consists of 8 departments, 14 centers and 50 research units. PhD programmes can be offered within all research units.

Graduate programmes

Each PhD student will be affiliated to one (or more) of the faculty's subject specific graduate programmes (previously known as graduate schools), unless it is not suitable for academic reasons. These programmes offer a range of highly specialized courses, seminars etc. each within their research area, which would not have been possible to carry out under the auspices of the faculty and have networks that help secure the supervision, teaching and knowledge dissemination by the supervisors take place at a high level and under constant development. The student handles the contact to the relevant research training programme.

The PhD committee

Learn about the PhD committee's members and task.

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Contact the Graduate School

Contact information

The PhD programme Faculty of Health Sciences University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: 6550 4949

Last Updated 11.04.2024