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Registration and settling of work hours

As far as possible, the required tasks must be relevant to the research project, the research interests and career plans of the PhD student. Moreover, the timing and placement of the hours must accommodate maximally for the PhD plan and must not hinder the student in carrying out his/her project, participate in courses and observe study periods abroad. 

The Head of Department is responsible for continuously recording the tasks performed and providing a statement of hours worked, and continuously informing the PhD student and principal supervisor of the scheduled and planned required work, for example in connection with annual employee development supervisions, long term planning, settlement of allocation of hours etc.

Hours of work are calculated as follows:

For students in the 4 +4 programme, the following calculation applies only after the qualifying examination has been passed.

Environmental change

The PhD student is credited X hours of required working hours for an environmental change of a duration of lu weeks. X is calculated according to the following formula:

NB: the maximum value for X is 280 hours. That is, that the environmental change of a duration of a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of 52 weeks, the PhD student is compensated for 5.38 hours per week at 280 required work hours per year.

Teaching, knowledge dissemination and other required tasks carried out on behalf of the Department

The PhD student carries out tasks of teaching, knowledge dissemination and other required work at the Department up to 840 – X hours (for the 4+4 programme: 560 - X hours)

Required tasks can in some cases by prior arrangement with the Head of Department be carried out in the research group with work relevant to the research, however without directly pertaining to the PhD student’s own research project, since this work is paid by the remaining salary.

The teaching load of the PhD student is calculated with a preparation factor of a minimum of 3.5 (one confrontation hour equals 3.5 working hours). When a PhD student teaches a subject in a study element that has a higher default factor in accordance with the basic values of the Teaching Load Agreement of the Faculty, this higher factor is applied.

The PhD student cannot perform tasks that normally are carried out by administrative employees.

In the case of disagreement between the Head of Department, the PhD student and / or principal supervisor regarding the nature, extent or timing of required work, the Dean in consultation with the Head of PhD School makes the final decision regarding the required tasks.

Secondary employment

Under exceptional circumstances, the Head of the Department can give permission to secondary employment on a small scale, when and if this activity has professional relevance for the PhD project.

Applications for permission to take secondary employment must be submitted to the Head of Department together with a statement from the supervisor substantiating that the secondary employment will not delay the course of the PhD Programme significantly.

The objective with a fully funded PhD is precisely that there is sufficient time to concentrate on the research full time.

Last Updated 07.12.2022