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Award of Degree

Awarding of the PhD degree

After the defence has been completed, the members of the assessment committee confer. The assessment committee must, on the basis of your PhD thesis and your defence, judge whether the requirements for the PhD thesis and the defence have been fulfilled. The assessment committee will inform you and the Dean of its recommendation via the PhD School Secretariat. The recommendation must be substantiated and in the case of disagreement will be decided by a majority of votes. The assessment committee can inform the parties of its recommendation orally immediately after the defence and it must be presented in writing as soon as possible. The recommendation must be signed by all members of the assessment committee.

The PhD degree will be awarded if this is recommended by the assessment committee.

If the assessment committee’s recommendation is negative, the Dean may decide to have the thesis assessed by a new assessment committee if so requested by you within a week.

The PhD certificate

Your PhD certificate will be issued in digital format. The PhD School Secretariat will prepare your PhD certificate immediately upon the final recommendation after the defence has been received and the PhD degree has been awarded.

Read more about digital certificates on the PhD School’s website. Your certificate can be retrieved in the Digital Diploma Mailbox. You can log on using your NemID, SDU email or you can assign a new email address.

Documentation of completed parts of the PhD programme

If you terminate the programme without receiving the PhD degree, the PhD School Secretariat may, upon written request, provide documentation for those elements of the PhD programme that have been successfully completed.

Last Updated 15.03.2024