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In collaboration with teachers and pupils, CSAS is going to develop activities and contribute to knowledge that supports an active school day. The pupils will have to wear an activity meter during school hours and carry out exercises and activities to become more aware of physical activity.  


Exercises and activities are linked to the subject goals for mathematics and organized in a way that involves the pupils in the collection, analysis and discussion of their own data. This should strengthen their understanding of a knowledge-based and critical approach to societal challenges. 


Project goals:

The target group is 32 4-5th grade classes from Odense and the surrounding area - in total approx. 800 pupils. In the school reform from 2014, 45 minutes of daily movement is a requirement that all students must comply with. Therefore, the goal is for both pupils and teachers to get closer to the answer to how pupils should reach this goal of 45 minutes of daily movement and find out how the physical activity affects their well-being and learning capacity.    


Participation in the project, as well as the collected data, should provide a more well-informed basis for the development of physical activity in schools. As a final part of the project, the pupils will discuss what it has been like to use technology to keep an eye on their activity and how it feels to research your own life. 


Time frame

The project runs until December 31st 2020.


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Lars Breum Christiansen

Danielle Louise Nørager Johansen


Last Updated 28.09.2020