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State educational PhD grant and salaries for PhD students under the 4+4 scheme

As a student under the 4+4 scheme, you can receive SU (the State Education Grant and Loan Scheme in Denmark) during your Master’s degree programme according to the general conditions for SU until you have completed your Master’s degree programme.

The first two years, you will receive state educational PhD grants until you have passed the qualification exam and obtained your Master’s degree. The state educational PhD grant amounts to a maximum of 48 monthly fellowship grants and is paid out monthly in advance. In addition, you will receive a salary for 280 hours of work tasks in your second year of study. You will then be transferred to employee status.

As a student, you have the same rights and duties (regarding leave of absence, maternity leave, illness, study delays, etc.) as an ordinary SU recipient until you have passed the qualification exam.

Regarding salary, pension and other conditions of employment after transition to employee status, reference is made to the collective agreement and business agreements in force at any time.

As a PhD student with employee status, you have a duty during the employment period to perform work tasks corresponding to 840 hours. The hours are distributed as follows: 280 hours during the state educational PhD grant, which are completed in the second year of study, and 560 hours during the paid fellowship. The tasks may consist of teaching, dissemination or other academic tasks. In certain cases, a reduction can be granted for the 840 hours with a corresponding reduction in salary.

Last Updated 15.03.2024