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The Graduate School of Health Sciences

Change of supervisor and supervisor supplementation

Disagreements can occur, however, and if this relationship breaks down it is likely to affect your PhD plan and the financing of your PhD. Therefore, it is very important that you contact the Graduate School if you are experiencing serious problems with your supervisor, either in the working relationship or at a personal level. The Head of the Graduate School can then help to find a solution. As a last resort, it is possible to appoint a new main supervisor.

Change of main supervisor

To apply for a change of main supervisor, you need to complete a special form, and send it to the Graduate School. You will need to enclose the CV and a written statement of consent from the proposed new supervisor. The form can be found here.

Supervisor's termination of Faculty employment

If a main supervisor terminates their employment at the Faculty, it is common practice that they cannot continue as the main supervisor, but can act as co-supervisor. If the PhD student has completed the majority of the PhD programme, however, it is possible to apply for permission to keep the person in question as main supervisor. It is essential that the Graduate School is contacted if a main supervisor terminates their employment at the Faculty. 

Additional supervisors or change of co-supervisor

Sometimes during the PhD programme, the main supervisor and the PhD student consider that additional expertise is needed for the project. This can accommodated either by attaching another co-supervisor to the project or by replacing a co-supervisor with a new one.

You need to inform the Graduate School of any changes in your supervisor team. Please send an email to explaining the changes and attach a letter of consent from the new supervisor.

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