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Paragraph 15(2): Submitting a thesis without a prior programme of study

Under normal circumstances, the submission of a PhD thesis is linked to a preceding PhD programme. However, there are some special situations where you may be allowed to write a PhD thesis and submit it for assessment without having done so. Use this form to apply for this type of PhD.

If you have obtained qualifications equivalent to a PhD programme in other ways, you can apply for permission to write a PhD thesis and have it assessed. This requires a recommendation from the department and the head of the doctoral school and approval from the dean.

In special cases, the dean may also approve the submission of a PhD thesis from a person who does not fulfil the conditions to be enrolled as a PhD student. This also requires a recommendation from the department.

As a rule, you can write your PhD thesis as either an anthology or a monograph.

If you have written articles on topics relevant to a PhD thesis, you can apply for permission to write your PhD thesis based on these. If the articles have been written in collaboration with others, their contributions must also be documented.

Finally, you can apply for permission to submit multiple theses on related topics or which apply the same methodology as your PhD thesis. If you choose this option, you will also need to write a summarising account.

Double degree

The Danish Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme allows SDU and an international collaborating institution, as part of a mutually binding collaboration agreement, to issue a final PhD diploma with an endorsement (joint degree) or each issue their own certificates (double degree) for the same programme, so that the scholarship holder receives a degree from two institutions. The Doctoral School at the Faculty of Humanities only awards double degrees. 

Contact the Department of Language, Culture, History and Communication or the Department of Media, Design, Education and Cognition to learn more about the possibility of a double degree.