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Campus Odense - Active Living

Campus Odense - Active Living


Active Living is an international concept set forth to integrate physical activity in everyday life. The World Health Organization, WHO, has defined a general strategy that aim to inform and activate interventions that encourage physical activity.

In collaboration with a number of partners, SDU has decided to comply with this concept by creating an area in Odense that is going to be the center of the development and execution of an Active Living area, for general use by citizens, schools, organizations/clubs, employees and students form Campus Odense.

Active Living – Campus Odense is a collaboration between:
- The City of Odense
- The Region of Southern Denmark/New OUH
- Science Parks of Southern Denmark
- Freja Ejendomme
- Fyens Stiftstidende (media partner)

The Active Living project is a Citizen Science project where citizens, organizations/clubs, employees and students contribute to the development of Campus Odense through dialogue and events.

The project will consist of two elements: Active Living Area and Active Living Festival

Active Living Area
The citizens/the people who use the area contribute to establish trails/paths (e.g. pedestrians, runners, cyclists, wheelchair users etc.) in the area west of SDU. This is an ongoing process where the citizens contribute to the creation of the area. These trails create a relation between all parts of Campus Odense and provides the employees and the students at Campus Odense with the opportunity to take their work with them into the nature (e.g. ‘walk and talk’ meetings).

Active Living Festival
Once a year, an Active Living Festival at Campus Odense is conducted. The festival aims to promote physical activity in everyday life. The festival promotes outdoor activities that could include e.g. wheelchair race, flying with drones, trail race or something completely different (the sky is the limit). The festival takes place at the Active Living area at Campus Odense and everyone can participate. If you have an idea for an activity that could be included in the festival, please contact Office Manager Anne Kathrine Overgaard at

The vision behind the construction of an Active Living Area is to influence the society through research and user involvement. Thereby, the physical setting including buildings, cities and landscapes are adapted in a way that appeals to an active way of life.

Last Updated 24.08.2018