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Salaried PhD fellowship according to the 5+3 scheme

Employment as a paid PhD fellow takes place in accordance with the circular of 1 July 2013 on the Collective Agreement for Academics in the State – appendix 5, protocol on PhD fellowships. Read the protocol for more information.

The collective agreement applies to all fellows who are paid by the University:

  • University fellowships, which are awarded faculty grants
  • Project fellowships funded through external funds obtained as part of a research project at an institute
  • Council fellows who have been awarded a research grant, by a council or foundation, relevant to one or more research areas at an institute.

According to the collective agreement, you as a PhD student must meet the requirements of the PhD Executive Order and furthermore have a duty to perform work tasks corresponding to 840 hours during the employment period. The tasks may consist of teaching, dissemination or other academic tasks. In certain cases, a reduction can be granted for the 840 hours with a corresponding reduction in salary. Regarding salary, pension and other conditions of employment after transition to employee status, reference is made to the collective agreement and business agreements in force at any time.

Last Updated 15.03.2024