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Knowledge dissemination

All dissemination activities must be approved by the PhD committee. The PhD Committee has decided that the extent of knowledge dissemination should be at least 300 working hours. The 300 hours knowledge dissemination can be part of the 840 working hours.

Knowledge dissemination hours are registered locally at each department and approved by the Head of the PhD School. The PhD student must have completed the knowledge dissemination hours at least three months before the PhD thesis is to be handed in. Together with the Head of department, the Head of the PhD School decides on the details regarding the requirements for knowledge dissemination hereunder the necessary documentation.

If the PhD student teaches more than 300 hours of paid work as part of the 840 hours of paid work, then it is not necessary to apply to the Head of the PhD School for approval of the dissemination of knowledge. However, proof of the execution of the 840 hours must be issued before the completion of studies. 

Rules for calculating knowledge dissemination hours

Posters and short presentation (less than 40 min.) held externally count for 30 knowledge dissemination hours. A longer presentation (at least 40 min.) held externally counts for 50 knowledge dissemination hours. An internal presentation counts for 5 dissemination hours. Where the same presentation is repeated a 2nd time the student receives 50%, the 3rd time 25% and the 4th time 10% of the amount of hours the PhD student received for giving the same presentation the first time.

Activities that can be credited as knowledge dissemination

  • External presentations and posters
  • Articles conveying scientific information to the general public
  • In certain cases, scientific articles
  • Production of books
  • Commissioned research
  • Internal presentations

Activities that can be credited as knowledge dissemination and as work commitment

  • Teaching for the Department
  • Supervision of fellow students/technical staff 
  • Dissemination tasks

Activities that can be credited as work commitment

Activities under this paragraph must be relevant to the PhD student, but cannot be directly included in the student's research project.

  • Work duties imposed by the Head of Department which are performed for the department or the faculty
  • Work duties imposed by the Head of Department which are conducted for the research group

Time spent on teaching is calculated according to the principles for the calculation of working hours for PhD students.

For PhD students on the Industrial PhD programme it may be agreed on between the PhD School, the Head of Department and the collaboration partner that the experience of teaching and knowledge dissemination is achieved through activities with the collaboration partner. The time assigned for the Industrial Report is set at 120 hours.

Plans for carrying out the provision in the PhD Order regarding teaching experience or other forms of knowledge dissemination must be stated in the PhD plan and be approved by the Head of the PhD School. Often it is not possible to set out a detailed plan and it is then up to the principal supervisor and the PhD student to periodically fill out the schedule.

Last Updated 10.10.2018