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Submission of a PhD thesis not preceded by PhD study

The PhD school may decide to accept a thesis for assessment without the author having completed the PhD programme at the faculty, if it assesses that the author in other ways has acquired comparable study elements at PhD level. The author must hold a university master´s degree kandidatgrad or equivalent in length and level.

The author must submit an application for assessment of a PhD thesis to the PhD school administration. The application form must include a PhD project description and documentation that the applicant has completed the educational elements equivalent to the educational components of the PhD programme. A chapter from the thesis dealing with theory and methodology must also be enclosed. In order to be considered for assessment by the Faculty of Engineering, the subject matter of the thesis must fall within the fields of research of the Faculty of Engineering.

The PhD school administration will assess the study elements and assess whether they are found to be equivalent to those of the PhD study and if additional study elements will be required. The head of the PhD School may contact a relevant research unit at the faculty for the purpose of an academic assessment of whether the PhD thesis can be considered for assessment.

If it is assed that the PhD thesis may not be accepted for defense, the applicant will be notified of this by the head of the PhD School and receive a copy of the academic assessment.

If it is assessed that the PhD thesis may be accepted for defense, the Head of the PhD school will approve the administrative enrolment of the applicant with a view to an impending evaluation and defense. The PhD committee will evaluate and may approve the study elements that are equivalent to the study elements of the PhD programme. The applicant will be associated with the relevant research unit at the faculty and assigned a principal supervisor.

Prior to the submission of the PhD thesis for the defense, the research unit and the principal supervisor must have the composition of an evaluation committee approved according to the rules of the PhD school.

The applicant must submit the thesis to the faculty pursuant to the current rules governing submission of PhD theses for assessment at the faculty

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Last Updated 14.08.2023