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Course Committees

The course committee’s tasks

The course committees act as representatives of the academic staff in the PhD committee and assess applicants in connection with the enrolment of PhD students. This means that when you apply for a PhD position, or have to register as a Industrial PhD or private student at Business and Social Sciences, it is one of the five course committees that makes the academic assessment of your application.

The PhD committee and the Head of PhD School can consult the course committees on academic issues and individual cases.

What course committees do we have?

Course committees have been established for each of the PhD School’s PhD programmes under the PhD committee. In addition, there is a joint course committee for Political Science and Journalism as well as an interdisciplinary course committee.

The course committee for Business and Social Sciences is composed of the chairpersons of the four other course committees and chaired by the chairperson of the PhD committee. The following course committees have been set up: 

Who is on the course committees?

The course committees consist of 3-5 representatives from the academic staff within the subject area in question. The members of the course committees are appointed by the PhD committee on the recommendation of the heads of department. The representative of the subject area in question in the PhD committee should in principle be a member of and preferably chairperson of the course committee. 

Last Updated 15.03.2024