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Milestones during the second year


Evaluations on Part B

After one year of studying Part B or no later than 36 months after submission of the PhD plan, a third-year evaluation corresponding to the second-year evaluation of the 5+3 scheme is carried out.

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In order to comply with the deadlines for assessment and defence, the PhD student must notify the head of department and the PhD School’s secretariat of the submission of the thesis in a timely manner and no later than two months before the expected submission deadline. It is important that this deadline is met so that the assessment committee can appointed at the time of submission.  

The PhD student’s enrolment at the University ends upon submission of the PhD thesis.

Read more about the PhD School’s guidelines in connection with the submission of the thesis and the holding of PhD defence.

If, in connection with the evaluations, the head of the PhD School concludes that you do not meet the requirements of the PhD plan despite any adjustments, you will receive an offer to rectify your PhD study within three months. The head of the PhD School will typically be in close dialogue with supervisors and possibly the head of department before deciding on a rectification course. The three-month rectification period does not in itself lead to an extension of the overall PhD programme. Offers for rectification courses can only be given once during the entire PhD programme.


If you have not accepted this within one week of receiving the three-month offer for the rectification of the programme, your enrolment will cease.

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Last Updated 15.03.2024