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In Denmark, Citizen Science is often used for data collection and mapping of nature areas, but Citizen Science is more than that. In a world marked by fake news, alternative facts and declining respect for fact and professionally qualified experts, Citizen Science has become much more interesting.

Citizen Science is about generating interaction and dialogue between citizens and researchers, thereby reducing the distance between them in order to encourage a debate based on knowledge and facts. 

Citizen Science projects such as 'A healthier Funen' engages and involves citizens in research they normally would not ask questions about or contribute to. In the project ‘Campus Odense Active Living’ citizens and associations are involved in the development of the 80-hectare natural area that constitutes Campus Odense.

The Citizen Science Network is a partnership between the faculties at SDU, DIAS, Odense University Hospital, University Library of Southern Denmark and SDU Research & Innovation Organization.

Last Updated 28.10.2021