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Submission without prior enrolment

For the submission of a PhD thesis without prior enrolment, the Faculty of Science may levy a charge for expenses associated with the assessment committee's work and the organization of the PhD defense.

An application for the submission of a PhD thesis without prior enrolment must be made on a special form which must be accompanied by explanation of how the author has otherwise acquired skills that can be equated with the requirements that are made in the PhD Order of the PhD Programme with documentation of the activities mentioned in the statement, and a sworn statement as to whether the thesis has previously been submitted for assessment.

The PhD thesis, application and sworn statement must be submitted to the PhD School Secretariat in 5 copies.

At the request of the Head of the PhD School, the respective PhD Study Committees can make an initial decision on whether the PhD thesis can be assessed, and whether the author has obtained qualifications equivalent to the requirements of the PhD Order for conducting the PhD Programme.

If the thesis can be assessed, the PhD Committee proposes the composition of the assessment committee to the Dean. The PhD School Secretariat will inform the author of the committee's composition. If the author has not objected to the members within one week, the PhD School Secretariat sends the thesis to the assessment committee. The same procedures are followed for the composition of the assessment committee and for the defense of the thesis as for the assessment of a thesis after the completion of a PhD Programme.0

Last Updated 11.10.2018