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Schools in Action

We are investigating how schools can implement the law of 45 min physical activity in a school day, how some schools have success with the law while others have trouble and then how we can learn from the good school, to enhance the process for the less good schools.

More and more kids are living an unhealthy life and with an unhealthy life comes obesity and different health issues. Therefore, physical activity in school is a way to bring the kids on a healthy path. This is useful so the data collected one place can with adjustment be used in different places.

We engage the pupils by giving them a smartwatch, some surveys and possibility to develop their own ideas by drawing, painting or narrating what they do and how they do it.

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Science advisor

Divin Wadimanya, MSc IT Product Design, Kolding / BA Physio Therapy

Maimuna Ahmed Duale, MSc Pharmacy, Odense / BSc Pharmacy

Nico Soballa, MSc IT Product Design, Kolding / BSc Mechanical Engineering 


Lars B. Christiansen

Last Updated 15.06.2020