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SDU Moves Recommends 'Intelligent Training'

Your body is not designed to sit still for many hours during the day. The concept of 'Intelligent Training' provides a set of  exercises, which will help you prevent and relief pain, as well as improve your general wellbeing during your sedentary study life.

The set was prepared by the Research Unit for Physical Activity and Health at Work (PAW). Headed by Professor Karen Søgaard, the PAW team consists of several leading experts in this particular field. The research unit was tasked with creating the best, most effective and useful (keep your regular clothes on) training programmes with a special focus on people with sedentary work, such as students, office staff or researchers. The exercises can help prevent and alleviate problems with the neck, shoulders, back and more.


Training exercise videos and posters

The videos underneath provide detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises. We recommend watching them a few times before doing the exercises. You can also download the training posters here. This way, the exercises are easier to remember once you become familiar with them in the videos.

Have fun with your intelligent training!


Exercise videos for 'Intelligent Training'

Last Updated 09.08.2023