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Application for enrolment with external funding without employment at the University of Southern Denmark

If you apply for enrolment without employment at SDU, it presupposes that the expenses for the PhD programme are financed in another way. This will typically be by an external grantor, who is your employer, or by yourself as a PhD student.

Tuition fee

The faculty charges a tuition fee for enrolment of PhD students with external funding. Typically, DKK 88,000 will be charged per year for supervision, administration and assessment of the thesis.

The application

You can submit your application for enrolment with external funding on an ongoing basis. Your application must be submitted electronically to the PhD school’s secretariat.

When submitting your application, please remember to enclose the following:

  • Application form
  • Copy of Master’s degree certificate or other equivalent qualifying examination, including examination results. Foreign diplomas that are not in Norwegian, Swedish or English must be accompanied by a translation into Danish or English, as well as a translation of the official description of the marking scale used.
  • CV
  • Project description
  • Information about experience in teaching or other dissemination of knowledge
  • List of publications (if applicable)
  • Statement from an academic contact person from the academic environment (department) where the project is to be completed
  • Advance commitment regarding financing of the PhD programme and information about the contact person at the external grantor.

Please note that your application will only be processed when there is documentation of the full funding of your PhD programme.

Last Updated 15.03.2024