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Leave of absence and termination of employment

Termination of enrolment

If the student decides to discontinue his/her enrolment in the PhD Programme, they should formally communicate this decision in writing to both the department they are affiliated with and the PhD School.

Maternity leave

PhD students who are employed under the 5+3 program and those in the 4+4 program who have successfully passed their qualifying examination are entitled to maternity leave in accordance with the prevailing parental leave regulations.

However, PhD students in the 4+4 program who have not yet passed their qualifying exam have maternity leave rights and obligations as per Ministerial Order no. 653 of July 31, 1999, governing the allocation of SU-stipends to PhD students.

For PhD students employed by the Faculty of Science, it is important to inform the department, the personnel office, and the PhD School at least three months before the expected birth to arrange for maternity leave. You can find information about the current rules for childbirth and adoption on the personnel office website:

If you are an enrolled PhD student but not employed by SDU, you should notify the PhD School and the department in writing via email if you need to take maternity leave.

Extension in relation to illness

If a PhD student has been absent from their studies due to illness for a period of at least one month and can provide documentation in the form of a doctor's statement, they have the option to apply for an extension. This application should be sent to the Dean through the Head of the PhD School. If the enrollment period is extended, the department may also request an extension for the student's employment.

Other types of leave of absence

In special circumstances, a leave of absence from the PhD Program can be considered upon submission of a well-supported application to the Head of the PhD School. The application should be accompanied by recommendations from the principal supervisor and the Head of Department. The final decision on whether to grant the leave is made by the Dean, following consultation with the Head of the PhD School. The decision is communicated to the PhD student in writing through the PhD School. Usually, this type of leave is without salary.

Exceeding the period of enrolment

In situations where the PhD project encounters significant challenges that prevent the original thesis submission deadline from being met, the Dean may authorize an extension of the deadline. When it becomes clear that the original deadline cannot be met, the PhD student should promptly apply for a project period extension. The processing of this application requires a minimum of two weeks from the time it is received by the PhD School.

The application for an extension must be supported by recommendations from the supervisor, the PhD study board, and the Head of the PhD School. The final decision is made by the Dean.

The application should include a description of the issues faced and a schedule for completing the project. It's important to note that deadline extensions are granted only in exceptional cases and when there are unusual circumstances. Additionally, salary payments will not be extended beyond the stipulated employment period, and extensions exceeding three months are generally not expected.

Two months prior to the anticipated thesis submission date, the PhD School will provide the student and the principal supervisor with information on how and when the thesis should be submitted. If the thesis is not submitted by the specified submission date and no extension has been requested and granted, the student will be notified that their enrollment will be terminated.

Last Updated 29.01.2024