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Leave of absence and termination of employment

Termination of enrolment

If the student wishes to discontinue his/her enrolment in the PhD Programme, this must be communicated in writing to the PhD School Secretariat.

Maternity leave

PhD students employed according to the 5+3 programme and PhD students employed according to the 4+4 programme who have passed their qualifying exam have the right to take maternity leave in accordance with the rules concerning parental leave in force at any given time.

PhD students employed according to the 4+4 programme who have not yet passed their qualifying exam have rights and obligations in relation to maternity leave in accordance with Ministerial order no. 653 of July 31st 1999 on the awarding of SU-Grants to PhD students  (available only in Danish). 

PhD students employed by the Faculty of Science must inform the Department, the personnel office and the PhD School Secretariat of the necessity of taking maternity leave at least 3 months prior to the expected birth. Information on current rules for childbirth and adoption can be found on SDUnet (available only to SDU employees).

An enrolled PhD student not employed by SDU must notify the PhD School Secretariat and the Department in writing. The notification must be given by e-mail to the PhD School and the Department secretary.

Extension in relation to illness

If the PhD student has been absent owing to illness for a period of at least one month, and the absence is documented with a doctor’s statement, extension in relation to illness may be granted along with extension of the enrolment, upon application to the Dean via the Head of the PhD School. If the enrolment period is extended, the Department can apply for extension of employment.

Other types of leave of absence

In exceptional cases, leave of absence from the PhD Programme may be granted upon substantiated application to the Head of the PhD School along with recommendation from the principal supervisor and the Head of Department.

The Dean, in consultation with the Head of the PhD School, determines whether the leave may be granted and issues a written statement of the decision to the PhD student. This type of leave is as a rule without salary.

Exceeding the period of enrolment

In the case where the PhD project has met with problems that make it impossible to meet the original delivery date for the dissertation, the Dean may grant permission to postpone the deadline. The PhD student must apply for an extension of the project period as soon as it is apparent that the deadline cannot be met. Processing must be given a minimum of two weeks from the time the application has been received by the PhD School Secretariat. 

The application must be recommended by the supervisor, PhD Study Committee and the PhD School, after which the Dean makes the final decision.

The application must include a description and schedule for the completion of the project. Note that postponements are granted only in exceptional cases and on the basis of unusual circumstances.

Salary is not paid over and beyond the stipulated period of employment, and a postponement of more than three months cannot be expected.

Two months prior to the expected submission date, the student and principal supervisor will be notified by the PhD School Secretariat with information on how and when the thesis is to be submitted. If the thesis is not submitted at the determined date of submission and postponement has not been sought and granted, the student is notified that enrolment will be terminated.

Last Updated 10.08.2023