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Sustainable Motivation

This projects is as part of the Citizen Science Project “Sustainable Motivation” at Syddansk Universitet (SDU) and consists of both a practical exercise and a questionnaire . Its purpose is to create a better understanding of the citizen’s behaviour and preferences towards energy efficient light bulbs. The overall results can be reviewed aggregated on our website. The questions, we want to answer are:
o Are people more intrigued by environmental or economic incentives?
o Do citizens compromise other areas of pro-environmental behaviour after switching to LED’s?

The aim of the project is not only to create awareness about energy consumption and to map the citizen’s consumption behaviour towards light bulbs. From this, we expect to gain insights into how citizens can be motivated towards a more sustainable energy usage.
Citizens can in a fun way explore and reflect upon their own behaviour and gain knowledge about sustainable power consumption and get inspired by other citizen’s behaviour.

In cooperation with citizens the questionnaire was designed through various dialogues. Furthermore, citizens can actively engage in the practical exercise (counting and categorising their light bulbs) and through participating in the questionnaire. All results will be publicly available for the citizens on our facebook page and they the chance to comment/react to them. Finally, we are planning on involving citizens in the analysis of the questionnaire as well.

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Warm up exercise:


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Science advisor

Katharina Sophie Carstens, MSc Product Development, Odense / BEng Industrial Engineering

Hans Henrik Jepsen, MSc IT Product Design, Kolding / BA Occupational Therapy

Selma Polte, BSc European Studies


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Last Updated 15.06.2020