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Read as a Man is an intervention project that seeks to develop, test and evaluate a book club concept with group reading as mental health promotion for men on the verge of retirement. Read as a Man has a particular focus on exploring the potential of using digital solutions for this purpose, and uses a citizen science approach to engage and involve citizens in the investigation process. 

This is done via workshops with citizens as well as physical and virtual group reading sessions for and with target audience representatives. The project is pa of Human Health, SDU’s research strategic aim within health communication, which gathers academic research environments across the humanities, health sciences and social sciences to provide research-based answers on future challenges in the health care system.


Researchers: Anna Paldam Folker, Peter Simonsen, Marie-Elisabeth Lei Holm, Mette Marie Kristensen, Josefine Ranfelt Andersen

Associated departments/units: National Institute of Public Health (SDU), Department for the Study of Culture (SDU)

Partners: Ældre Sagen, Læseforeningen, The Citizen Science Network at SDU

Last Updated 11.08.2020