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About the programme

The PhD programme is a research training programme that qualifies PhD students at the highest international level to independently undertake research, communication and teaching tasks. The programme is worth 180 ECTS credits, which corresponds to three years of full-time study. Of these, 30 ECTS credits must consist of course activities. As a PhD fellow, you must teach or otherwise disseminate research, which usually takes place at the department with which you are affiliated and in accordance with the applicable standard agreement. During your PhD programme, you will also complete a 3–6 month change of environment.

The main emphasis of the PhD programme is on the organisation and implementation of a research project under supervision. The PhD programme concludes with the submission of a PhD thesis, which is defended in order to obtain the PhD degree.

University affiliation

Whether your scholarship is externally or privately funded or you are employed as a PhD fellow at SDU, you will be affiliated with one of the two humanities departments and will have at least one supervisor from that department. In addition, you will be enrolled at the Doctoral School at the Faculty of Humanities. The doctoral school manages the administration in connection with enrolment and de-enrolment, its own course offerings, thesis assessments and calls for PhD plans and evaluations. The doctoral school’s PhD Board assesses the departments’ enrolment requests and the PhD plans of the PhD fellows.

The departments are responsible for managing your employment, salary, office space and IT equipment and PhD defence, as well as holidays, illness and leave.

During your PhD programme, you will be affiliated with at least two administrative units: the doctoral school, the department, and your place of employment if you are employed outside the university.