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Aging in Smart Cities

Aging is an inevitable process of human being and the number of aging populations has increased rapidly around the globe. Most of elderlies prefer to maintain their daily lives at home when aging and still receive efficient physical and mental support.

The rapid development of technology has made it more accessible to connect with healthcare services and community. However, not all of elderly are easily acquainted with advanced technology and are able to control technology to benefit their daily activities.

The aim of Aging in Smart Cities is to investigate how elderly people in Denmark perceive the use of technology and engage elderly to discuss how technology can support them in daily lives. This specific project focuses on loneliness. We hope to identify how older people perceive technology as well as how technology can possibly decrease loneliness and encourage older people to age at home.
New assisted living technology plays an important role in elderly care. It can be designed and adjusted to meet individual needs of elderly from assisted living activities, rehabilitation to daily monitoring and emergency alerts. With the right support from technology, it will not only help elderly become more independent in their lives but also reduce the burden on healthcare workers.

The data will be useful to get a better understanding of what elderly people think about technology and how they manage loneliness. We hope that it can help them as well, to prevent these problems in the long run.

It is important to empower elderly citizens, so they can find and use the best possible aid for their personal problems and meet their basic needs and live in safe environments. By that we strive to keep them healthier, less lonely and stay longer with their families and friends.
Elder citizens have two ways of engaging in this project. To help us investigate the topic of loneliness among older people, and as well for older people to inspire each other in how to deal with loneliness, we have provided a platform for them to see and share their experiences. The platform revolves around the experience of loneliness during covid-19. The other way of participating in the project of Aging in Smart Cities is to participate in an interview about technology in their own homes.

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Science advisor

Nguyen Pham Anh Tuan, MSc Public Health, Esbjerg /BA Dentistry

Ida Enggaard Petersen, MSc IT Product Design, Kolding / BA Anthropology

Simon Blanco Lon With, MSc Technical Audiology, Odense /BA Audiology 


 Gabriel Gulis  

Last Updated 15.06.2020